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Sweet Charisma

Get to Know Rise Up, Jei, Haejung, Tani

6 February 1993
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Sweet Charisma doesn't want to achieve fame only to have it get to their heads and warp their sense of morality. They may portray sexy now and then, but they do so tastefully. They want to be stars that can be taken seriously, but can still be role models for generations to come. "Sweet." They want to be stars that fans can see as real people--people who get mad, sad, happy, excited; stars that fans would want to befriend not for the fame, but for their personalities. At the same time, they want to be able to command attention with their music, dance, and overall performance--to have people take one glance and not be able to tear their eyes away until the perfomance is over. "Charisma."

The goal of Sweet Charisma is to touch the hearts of people around the world with their music. The don't simply want to write lyrics that people can relate to--they want to compose songs and sing them with emotion that can cross even the challenge of language barriers. They want to inspire and motivate with their performances. They want to be role models for generations to come. They want to give KPOP a fighting chance. Having all been born and raised in America, they know the attitudes toward anything foreign in the entertainment industry. They hope that maybe if they sing in every language they can possibly learn, the people of those languages will become interested, look into them, and discover KPOP--just like some of Sweet Charisma did through their favorite artists.

But most of all, they want to prove that your dreams really can come true in real life if your heart and will are strong.